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Mercure Award part of interior design projects. covering office space. commercial space. exhibition space. dining space. club space. hotel space and interior design other public spaces. Case studies mainly from the interior design. design. design features. materials selection and other aspects. and each case is equipped with a detailed design drawings and real map. showing the full range of design details and design elements. The book design brief explanatory text. picture-rich. professional typesetting. nicely bound. the school aims to provide an excellent platform for designers and stakeholders. Catalog dining space Manao Tree II Beijing Sake Manzo restaurant meal fashion Gathering pounds



ISBN : 9787561850817

Author      : JIA TU WEN HUA 

Format      : Paperback

Published : JT Art, 2014

Brand: JT ART

Our highly international publications cover architecture design, landscape design, interior design and urban planning, reaching readers all over the world. Besides the books publishing, JTart is the organizer ofactivity about NEW HOUSE-MEIJU AWARDSUMMIT FORUM. This activity shows its authority by displaying some featured & classic works about architecture and discussed by experts and representatives from all walks of life.

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A Practical Guide to E-Discovery in Asia

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Forensic Science

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Guide to Legal Analysis and Writing

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