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"European signs design" Content brief introduction: the reason why outdoor advertising sought after by the market, mainly because of the past few years, Chinas market environment has undergone tremendous changes. Chinas outdoor advertising development in the 1990s after the accelerated upward trend, according to statistics, from 1990 to 1999 years, Chinas outdoor advertising annual growth rate of 27.3%, the national outdoor advertising investment in the decade increased by 9 times The Because the environment changes, outdoor advertising seems to show its moving charm.



ISBN : 9787561129579

Author      : Hu Yu big 

Format      : Hardback

Published : Dalian University of Technology Press, 2006


Founded in March, 2000, Tang Art Design & Information Group Limited (Tang Art), which is one of the biggest media companies of Architectural Design, specializes in not only information to the professionals in the fields of real estate and designing, but also publishing, scheming, distributing, and selling sci-tech books of architecture and real estate.


The sub-branches of Tang Art Design & Information Group Limited include: 

- Editing and publishing institution: (Hong Kong) Scientific Message Limited
- Deputizing and distributing Institution: Guangzhou Tang Art Media Company Ltd.
- Planning and communicating institution: Leju Real Estate Planning Co., Ltd.

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