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construction and management of a city. first of all depends on the scientific and rational urban planning. and as the basis to guide the development of the citys rationalization. Urban planning has a direct impact on the lives of urban residents. urban landscape. urban ecology and urban economies. Form of urban planning can not only see. but also to see the city behind. the principle of planning in advance. In order to better promote the citys development process. improve the transparency of the urban planning. so planning is designed to meet the needs of urban functions. Urban Planning and Design Yearbook collected Recently a number of successful cases of urban planning and design brings together into a book. The book covers not only Beijing. Shanghai. Guangzhou.



ISBN : 978-7560941653

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Format      : Hardcover

Published : PACE Publishing, 2007


Pace is a University whose resources have played an essential role in the realization of individual dreams of achievement, and whose mission is voiced in the motto: Opportunitas.

Pace Institute began its transformation after World War II into a modern university with emphasis on the liberal arts and sciences. With dynamic leadership and fiscally sound management, Pace grew from rented facilities and few resources into one of the largest universities in New York State, with a multimillion dollar physical plant, an endowment of nearly $100 million and a reputation for excellent teaching and talented, ambitious graduates. 

At the heart of Pace’s academic values is a historic commitment to excellence in teaching, as manifested by small classes, an emphasis on skill development and critical thinking, special tutoring and support services, and academic advising. Academic experiences at Pace emphasize teaching from both a practical and theoretical perspective, drawing on the expertise of full-time and adjunct faculty members who balance academic preparation with professional experience to bring a unique dynamic to the classroom.

The University supports and encourages scholarly activity among its intellectually vital faculty. Much of the work has professional application, and Pace particularly invites scholarship that directly relates to the classroom experience and involves students in the research process. Additionally, Pace has recognized the importance of educating students with a global perspective; Pace is building an increasing array of study abroad options, a successful mentoring program that has produced 37 Fulbright scholars since 2002, and a focus on international recruitment.

Pace University in the 21st century is shaped by its enduring traditions of opportunity and innovation. More than 100 years after its founding, the University continues its commitment to providing access to a diverse population while innovating to meet the needs of the global economy.

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