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A reference work that encompasses all the most commonly used international accounting and financial reporting terms and standards. It includes terms in use for bank accounting, corporate accounts, and financial statement analysis. An invaluable source for non-accountants who need to interpret analysis and financial reports produced by accounting specialists, practitioners seeking to keep abreast of new terms and for all students of finance and accounting. Covers accounting terms and principles from basic balance sheet terminology through to advanced cash flow formulas.



ISBN : 9780852975756

Author      : John O.E. Clark

Format      : Paperback

Published : Financial World Publishing, 2004


Founded in March, 2000, Tang Art Design & Information Group Limited (Tang Art), which is one of the biggest media companies of Architectural Design, specializes in not only information to the professionals in the fields of real estate and designing, but also publishing, scheming, distributing, and selling sci-tech books of architecture and real estate.


The sub-branches of Tang Art Design & Information Group Limited include: 

- Editing and publishing institution: (Hong Kong) Scientific Message Limited
- Deputizing and distributing Institution: Guangzhou Tang Art Media Company Ltd.
- Planning and communicating institution: Leju Real Estate Planning Co., Ltd.

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A Practical Guide to E-Discovery in Asia

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Forensic Science

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Guide to Legal Analysis and Writing

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