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Written by a professional with extensive practical and teaching experience in Mechanical Engineering. Cam Design and Manufacturing Handbook brings together up-to-date cam design technology, correct design and manufacturing procedures, and recent cam research results in one volume that is indispensable to the design and manufacturing of cam-follower systems. Beginning at an introductory level and progressing to more advanced topics, this comprehensive handbook includes complete coverage of: Proper Cam Design Techniques, Single- and Multi-Dwell Cams, Classical Cam Functions, Polynomial Cams, Spline Functions for Cams, Pressure Angle & Radius of Curvature, Radial and Barrel Cams, Translating & Oscillating Followers, Roller & Flat-Faced Followers, Forward & Inverse Dynamic Analyses, Residual Vibrations, Polydyne & Splinedyne Cams, Cam Profile Definition, Cutter Compensation, Conjugate Cams, Cam Materials & Manufacturing Techniques, Stress Analysis of the Cam Follower Joint, Lubrication of the Cam Follower Joint, Measurement of Cam Follower Dynamics, Extensive Bibliography. Whats more, this unique book is accompanied by a 90-day trial demonstration copy of the Professional Version of Dynacam for Windows V. 7.0. Written by the author and used worldwide, this program solves the equations described in the book and allows in its fully licensed version the design, dynamic modeling, analysis, and generation of follower center, cam surface, and cutter coordinate data for any cam. It also defines conjugate cams for any cam design.



ISBN : 97808311312277

Author      : Robert L. Norton

Format      : Hardback

Published : Industrial Press, Inc, 2002

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