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The 6th edition of Shareholders Rights offers an in-depth explanation to the principles surrounding the roles of shareholders and the company law that applies to them. The roles of minority and majority shareholders are analysed showing you where the power lies so that you can better advise companies and individuals. Principles of partnership law, such as good faith are covered in detail. You ll also find in-depth analysis on articles of association, shareholders agreements and the fiduciary duties of directors. Shareholders Rights provides you with the unfair prejudice remedies that may be available to your clients. The principles are explained and theres expert guidance on the correct procedure to follow to help your clients get the best possible outcome. New in the 6th edition Since the last edition, the Companies Act 2006 has comefully into force and revolutionised the law of minorityshareholders rights. In particular, it discusses the recentchanges to the law on directors duties and the enforcementof derivative claims. This edition both focuses on the new law and incorporates the old law where it remains relevant. As a result of these changes, the book has been updated to reflect current law. Tools to help you with drafting To save you time with drafting, the book includes precedentsthat you can use for guidance. Drafting templates include aTomlin order and a Wallersteiner costs indemnity order. Key changes to this new edition include: Significant updating to the chapter on directors duties to take full account of the codification of existing law under the provisions of ss. 170-181 of CA06 An extensive update to the derivative claims chapter to provide a comprehensive treatment of the impact and implications of ss.260-269 of CA06 which placed the common law derivative claim on a new statutory footing



ISBN : 9780414043206

Author      : Robin Hollington

Format      : Hardcover

Published : Sweet & Maxwell, 2010

Brand: Sweet & Maxwell

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