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Residential Garden Design draws our attention to the important role outdoor living environments play in the quality of our daily lives. Three types of gardens are highlighted, starting with a stunning variety of gardens and landscapes for private houses around the world; the second chapter reinforces the value of community garden areas for a range of dwellings from mixed-use residences to townhouses and boutique apartment complexes; the final chapter looks at the profound balance these outdoor garden spaces can bring to our personal well-being and that of the local environment when ecological concerns are placed highest on the list. The book highlights the planning, design and innovation of residential gardens, covering gardens of all shapes and sizes, textures, plants and various materials through the private, community-based and ecological designs showcased. Specific garden features and concerns such as lighting, privacy, sustainability, regional characteristics, sensory experience, local ecology and native plantings are fully illuminated with plans and lush photography throughout.



ISBN : 9781864700947

Author      : Georges Binder  

Format      : Hardcover

Published : Images Publishing, 2002


Images Publishing is the world leader among architecture and design publishing houses, providing a global-reaching platform for the world’s best architects and designers to inspire their peers to greatness, by providing the best and most sustainable urban habitats and built environments, while satisfying an innovative and contemporary, yet timeless, aesthetic for good design.

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