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Compiled by Norman Foster, Reflections is his personal statement about architecture, how it is understood and how it is perceived. Organised thematically in a series of visual ‘chapters’, it collates and contrasts black and white photographic images from four decades of Foster’s practice to create a compelling visual narrative. For Foster, the book reflects his belief that architecture is essentially a social art— a necessity and not a luxury—that it is generated by people’s needs, which are both spiritual and material. It has much to do with optimism, joy, and reassurance—of order in a disordered world, of privacy in the midst of many, of space in a crowded site, of light on a dull day. It is about quality – the quality of the space and the poetry of the light that models it. This book attempts to explore some of these themes and ideas in an abstract way and, in doing so, to trace connections through Foster’s extensive oeuvre. Some of the images will be familiar, some unexpected. Together they provide a fascinating source for reflection. Exquisitely printed and bound, Reflections will undoubtedly become a collector’s item.



ISBN : 9783791334257

Author      : Norman Foster

Format      : Hardcover

Published : Prestel Publishing Ltd, 2005


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