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"High on Horses:" "From the Outback to the Arena" was conceived as a feast of photographs exploring the incredible caring relationship that can exist between horse and rider. From hack horse to the most expensive of dressage horses, from high country and dressage arena to humble farmyard, horses and riders are shown in their elements of bliss. This book features the stunning work of Nicole Clare Emanuel, an award-winning photographer, including winner of the 2000 TAB Horse Racing Photo of the Year, whose sensitive eye has captured the emotions and moods unique to the world of horses. Her skill with, and appreciation of, light and composition, together with her passion, are indisputable in this special pictorial journey. SELLING POINTS: - Fifteen different horse breeds are represented in this book - Includes an exciting visual selection of full-colour, sepia and black and white photographs - Provides information on the breeding and history of the horse - Describes the photographers evocative recollections of when these extraordinary moments were captured on film - Lists details of camera type, shutter speed and lens size with every photograph - Offers first-hand observations and insightful anecdotes by horse owners 132 col., 28 b.andw.



ISBN : 9781864700145

Author      : Nicole Clare Emanuel

Format      : Hardcover

Published : Images Publishing, 2001


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