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As time rolls on, neoclassical style becomes more and more popular. Except for pure neoclassical style elements are applied to décor, more and more other style elements come into mix of use with neoclassical style. Of course, this phenomenon is not accidental. It has undergone a long process of evolution, opening and development. During the developing process, neoclassical style keeps its original essence yet never stops changing. Combining the current trend of neoclassical styles diverse mixing with other styles, we choose 6 the most obvious types in this book, which are integrations of neoclassical style with European style, American style, Mediterranean style, Art Deco style, Chinese style and post-modern style. Each of them features various characters and sparkles, from which, you can find out its key point, use of materials, approaches, stuffs that need to pay attention to and many materials specially applied to neoclassical style design.



ISBN : 9787535647443

Author      : Tang Art Design &Information Group Limited

Format      : Hardcover

Published : Tang Art Design &Information Group Limited, 2011


Founded in March, 2000, Tang Art Design & Information Group Limited (Tang Art), which is one of the biggest media companies of Architectural Design, specializes in not only information to the professionals in the fields of real estate and designing, but also publishing, scheming, distributing, and selling sci-tech books of architecture and real estate.


The sub-branches of Tang Art Design & Information Group Limited include: 

- Editing and publishing institution: (Hong Kong) Scientific Message Limited
- Deputizing and distributing Institution: Guangzhou Tang Art Media Company Ltd.
- Planning and communicating institution: Leju Real Estate Planning Co., Ltd.

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