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Yes, I do! And now where do we go? The crowning finale of every wedding is the honeymoon, which belongs to it as much as the bouquet and the cake. Romantic accommodations in dreamy surroundings are the best setting for the – hopefully perfect – first days of life together. Whether chic and urban in an international metropolis, at a luxurious resort on a Caribbean beach, or on a safari through the African wilderness: this volume presents a great variety of destinations for a honeymoon. The hand-picked selection offers wonderful solutions to all newlywed’s wishes – whether to be on cloud nine 24/7, to plan the future, or to simply forget the stress and strain of planning a wedding....



ISBN : 9783037682005

Author      : Manuela Roth

Format      : Hardcover

Published : Braun, 2015

Brand: Braun Publishing

Braun Publishing produces titles on architecture, interior design. Each year about 30 books appear in original editions. Particular attention is given to an exacting contentual concept as well as to a clear path in regard to the layout and quality of production

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