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Residential living spaces that are fabulously accessorised, showcasing some of the most exclusive and luxurious designs to inspire and excite; from sumptuous bedrooms draped in satin and silk, cool, chic and very hip living rooms that are modern and contemporary, and bathrooms that feel organic, using naturally sourced materials to create a sense of inner calm and sanctuary. All of the featured interior designs are thoughtful and imaginative and highly original, creating a unique imprint, perfectly translating individual identity into the very fabric of these eclectic living spaces.



ISBN : 9789881922625

Author      : Artpower

Format      : Hardcover

Published : ART POWER, 2014


Since its establishment, Artpower International Publishing Co., Ltd. has gone through for more than nine years. It sticks to the art related book publishing and endeavors to broad the horizon for the design industry. Artpower is continuously consolidating its core competence meanwhile actively explores the diversified ways for its development. Now it is one of the most professional art-related book publishing agencies in the Asia-pacific region with its core business falling into several different categories. Artpower not only grasps the main trend in publishing and media industries, but also keeps pace with the world by opening the door of the world market in a firm and positive strategy. Now Artpower has its books entering many mainstream markets around the world and established its distributors and after-sales service network.

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A Practical Guide to E-Discovery in Asia

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Forensic Science

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Guide to Legal Analysis and Writing

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